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March 5, 2015

Where Do We Go From Here

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Where Do We Go From Here

March 4th, 2015

Ruthie Hendrycks

By now you have heard that the Republican Party voted with the minority Democratic Party … this time to fund Obama’s lawless amnesty. In essence – once again – the GOP is showing supporters that campaign promises prior to the November 2014 elections were nothing more than mere words…. Broken by their actions – lies!!!!!!!!!!

Of course the Republican Members that voted for this treason are stating that they had no other choice but to cave and – once again – agreed to the whims of the Democratic Party and this Administration – you know ….for our good…. our Homeland Defense. So let me get this straight – these Congressmen and women are so worried about homeland security they funded a program to reward the lawless illegal alien – aliens that for the majority we know nothing about and that will send a message that will lead to increased illegal entry over an unsecured border – You CAN NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!!!!!!

So where do those of us fighting this unconstitutional lawless illegal invasion go from here – Those of us who have donated so much of ourselves to ending this insanity? There are those that believe that battle is over … it is NOT! Many of our fellow Patriots have a variety of ideas on how to proceed and simply put…. To NOT fight forward to end the fundamental transformation Obama seeks would only cement the destruction.

Here are just a few of the ideas being presented: 1. The 26 State Lawsuit; 2. States Rights;

3. Third Party; 4. Voting Integrity; 5. Fighting and Eliminating the Donors and Funding;

6. Revolution!!!

The Lawsuit is a viable option and of course the 26 States that are suing are not the only ones taking a judicial approach to this treason – there are others like Sheriff Joe, Judicial Watch and more – it is painfully obvious that many (not all) of our Federal Representatives will be of no assistance… they just funded an amnesty that 26 States are suing to stop and a Federal Judge – Judge Hanen – has put on hold. Unfortunately and par for the course, King Obama is not listening and proceeding forward – he must be stopped via the States

States Rights – goes somewhat hand in hand with the lawsuit – but if push came to shove is there enough States that would not comply to Obama’s Memo’s?

Voting Integrity would be another avenue – if the illegal alien amongst us could not vote – I believe, many of those pushing this nonsense would have a change of heart – unfortunately at this time we see absolutely no one taking the lead here either. Maybe those who are working for the American Citizen who will fund the lawlessness – will find a way to ensure illegal aliens are not voting – they are not citizens and should not weigh in on our political process if they first cannot obey the laws of the land.

Third Party – I know there are those already saying – “A third party can never win!” to which I reply ….what is the alternative then – taking our party back – it will never happen. People have been saying this for years and look where we are now – PLUS the Establishment GOP would never allow it to happen – blocking any chance of a REAL conservative majority. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – enough! Even the majority that the GOP now holds was gained by our doing/effort/votes – not theirs…. not theirs if you take away their lies. It seems that the two major parties are either in cahoots together or just going to try and out pander each other until our Constitution and Country no longer exist. I will aggressively seek a third party that will represent me – not illegal alien foreigners. And if a GOP Candidate currently vying for 2016 were to show even a silver of hope to even enter my realm of possibility …he or she would need to be very upfront and vocal on the issue of illegal immigration or it is just a non starter… Seriously – why consider or support someone that supports the very stance and actions we are fighting?

Combating the Big Donors via boycotts and the such is an avenue – their money against our pocket books and voice – we should be doing this already anyways.

Revolution – Many are so fed up that taking to the streets seems to be all that is left. And how could you blame someone for viewing our current lawless political landscape with such anger and demeanor – it is obvious that our voices are being ignored – only important right before an election and then we are lied to time and time again. Problem is for all the talk of rising up ….. How many would actually participate? Do not get me wrong – there may be a day when this is reality – but let’s hope someone stops this lawlessness, puts the best interests of Americans and the United States of America first NOT some grand plan to make new Americans in their own little world to forever eliminate any opposing opposition to their socialist, progressive agenda. For more on the New American travesty click here:

This battle is not over folks….. After all WE ARE AMERICANS – giving up is not an option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruthie Hendrycks is the President of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and

Host of The Ruthie Report Radio Program on Constitutional Patriot Network/CPR World Wide Media Network. She is the Minnesota State Advisor for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), The State Coordinator for The Remembrance Project/Stolen Lives Quilt, A Member of the Texas Border Volunteers and an Advocate for the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council. She is also listed as a Top Conservative Talk Radio Host at
You can contact Ruthie at or at


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