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December 30, 2013

DHS – Pro Bono or Paid by Cartels/Smugglers to deliver children with Taxpayer Dollars

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DHS – Pro Bono or Paid by Cartels/Smugglers to deliver children with Taxpayer Dollars
By Ruthie Hendrycks, December 2013
Seeing … Congress, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and this
Administration are hiding in the closet or have their heads in the sand (yet again), with regards to
the latest lawlessness perpetrated against the rule of law – THAT BEING…. …….…………
DHS’s unconscionable actions with regards to human trafficking…….. I am therefore calling for
the immediate dismissal of Secretary of Homeland Security – Jeh Johnson

Who am I to call for this resignation – An average American who is “Mad as hell and not going to
take it anymore” – demanding Congress step up to the plate and relieve Jeh Johnson of his duties;
investigate the failure of Eric Holder and the DOJ to address this illegal injustice; and
demanding ‘pro law’ actions be immediately taken to address the lawlessness we currently are
seeing play out. I ask you to share this demand and join me.

So are those in DHS that are working to deliver children being brought in the U.S. illegally –
receiving monetary compensation from the Drug Cartels and Human Smugglers for their role or
are they doing it Pro Bono – of course with taxpayers wages?
Are DHS Agents being forced to participate in this lawlessness under orders from Upper
Management or doing so by individual will… with a wink wink – and possible compensation for
aiding and abetting illegal immigration and human smuggling? If this is from the top – where are
the whistle blowers?

DHS has gone as far as flying these children to the illegal alien parents in the U.S. on tax dollars
…so not only are Americans and Legal Residents who are demanding border security and
enforcement of our immigration laws being told to sit down and shut up – while subsidizing those
already illegally in the Country…. We are paying for it !!!

With all the talk in Washington about spending – few if any of us are surprised that we hear barely
a squeak from the media on this. Northing (normal protocol) from this corrupt Administration,
DHS nor the DOJ – nothing except one HONEST and COURGEOUS Judge……. Texas Federal
Judge Andrew Hanen in a court order filed mid December, 2013

Of course DHS will sooner or later response with some comment like “We are detaining the
smugglers” but will not address that they then finished the Cartels/Smugglers original intent…..
services rendered by delivering children illegally in the U.S. to parents illegally in the U.S. all the
while ignoring the violent situations these children are being placed into not only by those people
demanding thousands of dollars to begin with from individuals we were lead to believe are down
and out poor souls – (Souls apparently with $6,000 per child to pay to drug cartels and human
smugglers) that being the parents themselves. – this is not desperation – it is child abuse. …… only
time will tell if DHS personnel are also on the take.

The nonsense of illegal immigration has now gone to new levels whereas the United States of
America’s Department of Homeland Security is complacent and participating with the smuggling
and delivery of Children – instead of enforcing our immigration laws not only at the border but
throughout the interior as well – they are instead working in conjunction with Mexican Cartels and
Human Smuggling Networks – Is no one as outraged as I am?

What is it going to take to secure the border and enforce our current immigration laws? Where is
this lawlessness going to end?


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