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January 22, 2013

Border Security Propaganda and Lies – Prove Me Wrong

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Border Security Propaganda and Lies – Prove Me Wrong
Ruthie Hendrycks
Jan 2013

The current proposals and promises of border security with regards to the upcoming debate on illegal immigration/legal immigration reform are nothing more than propaganda and lies, and I can prove it! I do extend a challenge – actually I demand – those spreading this mantra to … PROVE ME WRONG!

Five words clearly describe what I am referring to:
“Unmanned Kiosk – Enforcement Hours Away”

Once again, which is par for the course – we are hearing statements from individuals such as Marco Rubio, several conservative commentators and other like the Gang of Eight that any future legislation on the issue must include and will take place “once our borders are secure”. Apparently, they believe that “We The People” are either : a.) truly that stupid or b.) that it will fly with those less educated to the inadequate and dangerous situation taking place on our southern border. Either way it is an INSULT to our intelligence – we should demand and expect more from those elected to office.

As unbelievable as it may be – while these individuals continue to mention border security – (never accompanied with details) an unmanned kiosk on our southern border is slated to open Jan 28th, 2012. If this has you concerned or at the very least scratching your heads – wondering why, the move is to assist tourism in a little Mexican village of Boquillas del Carmen. To allow pedestrians the avenue to eat and shop in Boquillas. What is even more alarming is that enforcement in the area is hours away.

The unmanned station will allow pedestrians to cross the Rio Grande River at Big Bend National Park to help the quoted “poor” people of Boquillas at a cost of $3.7 million to the American taxpayer. Again, is anyone awake at the wheel of spending.
So, while American businesses are struggling, our economic future bleak, many remain unemployed …. We are creating a situation where our border is less secure to increase tourism from the U.S. and the bottom line of a community in Mexico.

Of course no one wants to weigh in on or address comments like that of the former Big Bend National Park Superintendent, Jose A. Cisneros, who told reporters Jan 2, 2013 that “reopening the station will create a new point of entry for organized crime. “Drug cartels will view the new station as a back door to the United States.
So much for border security – What say you Marco Rubio?

If indeed, Rubio and those in Washington are serious about our homeland security, our sovereignty and stopping the flow of illegal immigration, drugs and potential terrorists, then this opening would be cancelled immediately or at best delayed indefinitely until border security is addressed.

Unfortunately – I believe we are again being told the same lies – the same propaganda – the same tired old promises of the past – while a crossing, advertised to all on both sides of the border – creates an entry into the United States. With the swipe of a card – whether accepted or not – those entering have hours before law enforcement would arrive, and by that time those entering may well be half way to the Midwest or parts unknown.

Is this sound like the promise of border security to you?

Ruthie Hendrycks is President and Founder of
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform Website:
Ruthie is the host of the radio show “The Ruthie Report”
which airs Thursdays at 8 pm CST via
Ruthie can be reached via email:at or at!/groups/TheRuthieReport.MINNSIR/




  1. It seems it will never end…our elected officials catering to everyone except the people who put them in office – the American Taxpaying Citizens! The Evil Ones in office are allowing Illegal Felons to infiltrate and destroy our beloved country from within while the citizens turn the other way. It is time for us to get as vocal as pro-Amensty groups intent on ruining us.

    Comment by Pat Janssen — January 22, 2013 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

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  3. This is why we have to get off our butts and fight the same fight even more aggressive,now that officials somehow forget America citizens are their charge NOT ILLEGAL ALIENS!

    Comment by wilbur12 — January 25, 2013 @ 11:59 am | Reply

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