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January 22, 2013

Border Security Propaganda and Lies – Prove Me Wrong

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Border Security Propaganda and Lies – Prove Me Wrong
Ruthie Hendrycks
Jan 2013

The current proposals and promises of border security with regards to the upcoming debate on illegal immigration/legal immigration reform are nothing more than propaganda and lies, and I can prove it! I do extend a challenge – actually I demand – those spreading this mantra to … PROVE ME WRONG!

Five words clearly describe what I am referring to:
“Unmanned Kiosk – Enforcement Hours Away”

Once again, which is par for the course – we are hearing statements from individuals such as Marco Rubio, several conservative commentators and other like the Gang of Eight that any future legislation on the issue must include and will take place “once our borders are secure”. Apparently, they believe that “We The People” are either : a.) truly that stupid or b.) that it will fly with those less educated to the inadequate and dangerous situation taking place on our southern border. Either way it is an INSULT to our intelligence – we should demand and expect more from those elected to office.

As unbelievable as it may be – while these individuals continue to mention border security – (never accompanied with details) an unmanned kiosk on our southern border is slated to open Jan 28th, 2012. If this has you concerned or at the very least scratching your heads – wondering why, the move is to assist tourism in a little Mexican village of Boquillas del Carmen. To allow pedestrians the avenue to eat and shop in Boquillas. What is even more alarming is that enforcement in the area is hours away.

The unmanned station will allow pedestrians to cross the Rio Grande River at Big Bend National Park to help the quoted “poor” people of Boquillas at a cost of $3.7 million to the American taxpayer. Again, is anyone awake at the wheel of spending.
So, while American businesses are struggling, our economic future bleak, many remain unemployed …. We are creating a situation where our border is less secure to increase tourism from the U.S. and the bottom line of a community in Mexico.

Of course no one wants to weigh in on or address comments like that of the former Big Bend National Park Superintendent, Jose A. Cisneros, who told reporters Jan 2, 2013 that “reopening the station will create a new point of entry for organized crime. “Drug cartels will view the new station as a back door to the United States.
So much for border security – What say you Marco Rubio?

If indeed, Rubio and those in Washington are serious about our homeland security, our sovereignty and stopping the flow of illegal immigration, drugs and potential terrorists, then this opening would be cancelled immediately or at best delayed indefinitely until border security is addressed.

Unfortunately – I believe we are again being told the same lies – the same propaganda – the same tired old promises of the past – while a crossing, advertised to all on both sides of the border – creates an entry into the United States. With the swipe of a card – whether accepted or not – those entering have hours before law enforcement would arrive, and by that time those entering may well be half way to the Midwest or parts unknown.

Is this sound like the promise of border security to you?

Ruthie Hendrycks is President and Founder of
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform Website:
Ruthie is the host of the radio show “The Ruthie Report”
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January 14, 2013

Washington …. I Want To Know

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(please feel free to share with your elected officials, family and friends as is
or adapt to your own personal message removing my signature and name)

Jan. 2013
By Ruthie Hendrycks

To: Those that “We The People” selected and then elected
to represent our voice in the United States House, Senate and White House.

Just a few – of the many – questions that I demand answers to. I want to know, with all the
talk currently coming out of Washington on how we must get Americans back to work;
how we must cut entitlements; how we must cut spending; and issues such as Obamacare,
social security, gun regulations/restrictions, defense cuts etc….
Why is no one addressing Illegal Immigration?

We hear repeatedly that we must put Americans back to work…I agree – so, why are
millions of unemployed Americans forced to watch millions of illegal aliens working –
and I am not talking crop picking? Just imagine the economic benefits and the reduced
unemployment rate, if the 8 to 10 million jobs filled by illegal aliens were filled by

We hear how we must cut entitlements – but we watch as 10-15 million plus
illegal aliens (not counting those YOU INSIST are hiding in shadows) file for and receive
subsidized housing, food stamps, gas vouchers, welfare.- with our own government
agencies educating them on just how to do it. Not surprising, other Countries are now
addressing such entitlements. Take for example France, as reported in a Dec 28th article in
the EU Times “French government cuts immigrants welfare by 83%“ – they are taking
action, with the cuts slated to begin March of this year. France gets it … why not the
U.S.?…. I want to know.

We here that we must improve the economy …now, Now, NOW … with dire warnings of
collapse if immediate actions are not taken, but we watch as $20.74 Billion in the first
eleven months of 2012 were sent via remittances (the majority earned here) to Mexico,
not to mention other foreign countries – it does mot take a rocket scientist to figure out
that – if these monies were gained by Americans and remained in the U.S. it would greatly
benefit our Country – at a time when is truly is needed.

We hear a Great Deal of talk – dribble really – about taxes and the never ending blabber
about people paying their fair share etc….. yet we see $ 4.2 Billion in tax refunds thru the
Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) paid by the IRS with our tax dollars to people
without social security numbers for dependents many believe do not even exist. We
read stories about recent storm victims losing all their money and demanding assistance
because they stored all their cash in the basement, suggesting …cash paid under the table.

We hear that illegal aliens will not be covered under Obamacare….What an insult to our
intelligence – they already receive health care paid for by the American Taxpayer thru the
EMTALA Act, the only aspect of Obamacare that the illegal alien will not be included in
…. is paying for it.

We hear politicians falling all over themselves in attempts to pander to the illegal alien,
while ignoring what this pandering is costing their fellow American and Legal Residents,
Those they took an oath to represent. Adding insult to injury (and I do mean Injury) we
are told of upcoming pending legislation to reward their behavior – while you ignore the
down and out Americans who have lost their jobs, their homes (many living in the streets)
or have suffered the consequences of actions by those very same individuals you now
pander too. Interestingly enough, nothing is divulged about the Family Unification
Plan/Family Unity Plan that will no doubt accompany any such legislation – because
THEY “Will Demand It” adding millions more and further rewarding illegal immigration.
I want to know – what makes you believe that those illegally in the Country will obey any
new laws and regulations you push … when they do not obey the laws now.

We were told by this Administration that “we cannot have piece meal legislation on
illegal immigration – its a Federal issue” but as I write this …. Illinois is poised to grant
drivers licenses to illegal aliens – the hypocrisy is astounding!!! If, Illinois is allowed to
pass such legislation at a State Level with ABSOLUTELY zero decent from those
elected to be our voice, then one can only conclude that Arizona (which was sued by our
own Department of Justice for enforcing our current laws) and other States taking a
stance against illegal immigration – can now get on with it right? I want to know.

We hear that Washington will address the 2nd Amendment – with the rush tactics that are
par for the course – to unconstitutionally disarm or restrict the law abiding gun
owner, but we hear nothing in the media about the approx. 8,500 deportable criminal
aliens that were released into the night (that averages 170 per state) because their
homeland refuses to take them back and that their whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile,
millions of law abiding gun owners are expected to accept whatever legislation falls
out .. (I wouldn’t plan on it) and the criminals could care less about… the media is mute
with regards to the 800,000 aliens ordered to deport that refuse and fail to do so – and
remain. At the same time as this politically motivated stunt plays out, we have those who
reside (and are armed) on our southern border demanding that border security be
addressed to combat the illegal aliens trampling across their land carrying drugs and
AK47s. Can anyone say Fast and Furious?

We hear …. the violence that must be curbed – but nothing about our utterly disgraceful
and dysfunctional border security – where is that conversation? We hear nothing on the
never-ending and skyrocketing growth in gangs – all 33,000 gangs with est. 1.4 million
members – mostly consisting of illegal aliens – such as MS-13,the Sur-13, Mexican Mafia,
Latin Kings, Surenos, Kurdish Pride, Mexican Posse and other drug cartels per the DOJ.
And the FBI states that many are acquiring military style weapons and are responsible for
the majority of violent crimes in the U.S.

Where is the discussion of border security, the costs of our over crowded prisons and the
price tag due to illegal immigration – next to nothing is reported or discussed on the
violence and human carnage inflicted on YOUR and my fellow American citizens by
those who should have never been allowed to enter illegally in the first place.

This is just an example – a minimal list of issues and questions – that I have with regards
to the absence of the discussion on the cost, violence and lawlessness, the assault on the
American Taxpayer via illegal immigration, not to mention assimilation, language etc.
I have yet to address issues like the costs to our educational system, social security,
environmental and sustainability questions and apparently……. neither have you.
Which part of illegal do you not understand?

“We Hear” a lot of nonsense out of Washington on a variety of issues – but what we are
NOT hearing is the discussion on illegal immigration – why is that – I want to know.

Ruthie Hendrycks is President and Founder of
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform Website:
Ruthie is the host of the radio show “The Ruthie Report”
which airs Thursdays at 8 pm CST via
Ruthie can be reached via email:at or at!/groups/TheRuthieReport.MINNSIR/

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