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January 3, 2011

Securing Yet Another Border – But Not Our Own

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Securing Yet Another Border – But Not Our Own
January 2011
By: Ruthie Hendrycks

Recently, we heard … news reports of Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, proclaiming securing the border from human smuggling and drugs. The news however, was not of securing our own southern border but that of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not only is this – in my opinion – yet another demonstration of the incompetence, dereliction of duty and lack of common sense by Janet Napolitano, but it is also a slap in the face to every American who has demanded security at home …
our Homeland. In short, the hypocrisy of the Department of Homeland Security and Border Security is simply astounding.

Let me ask – While there are many already who doubt the viability and actual successfulness of this proposed action, isn’t it possible…. that General Petraeus with all his wares, experience and years of service, along with the excellence of our brave men and women of the military – that they could address the security needs of this border? Are we to believe, that for some reason Napolitano and Border Patrols agents must be involved instead of performing their duties on our own border?

And, to add insult to injury – we now hear this Administration may send additional personnel not only to Middle East, but to Mexico as well – to train them on border security – nothing like setting them up for failure. And, as for our southern border and Mexico ….. is the Mexican Government, Military and the Calderon Administration not smart enough to figure this out without the assistance of the U.S. military? Does this continue to enforce the thoughts and comments by many that Calderon has indeed completely lost control of Mexico?

This continued “hogwash” that we must teach these countries how to secure their borders and homeland while our borders remain unsecured would be laughable – if not so serious. It is simply inexcusable to the American taxpayer, both financially and with lives, that we place the borders of others over the importance of our own. Not to mention, the implication that these Countries may or may not be capable of their own security. Wouldn’t sending simple directives that explain our border control policies – or lack thereof – or stepped up intelligence by those already serving in the area —- serve the purpose?

But of greater importance is the COMPLETE FAILURE of DHS to protect Americans at our borders. For example: the Officer of Inspector General (OIG) in December, 2010 released a report showing the failure to enforce the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative at our land borders- a failure that amounts to a security vulnerability. This program, mandated by Congress, meant to enforce stringent identification requirements at our borders is failing miserably. The results of this study found that 2.3 million travelers failed to provide the proper documentation – 1.1 million in Texas alone.

While we continued to witness the escalation of the violent drug war just over our UNSECURED southern border, and Americans and Legal Residents continue to see the influx of illegal aliens, human smuggling, drugs etc., entering the United States and experience the negative financial, employment and criminal impacts at the hands of someone who should not have been in the US to begin with – why would anyone choose Napolitano and the U.S. DHS to teach them anything on border security – seeing we clearly do not have control of ours?

CONSIDER THIS: As law enforcement and the State Government leadership of Arizona, beg, plead and demand stricter border and inland enforcement against the effects of our unsecured southern border and must finally move forward with their own legislation – this Administration, the Attorney General and Homeland Security respond with lawsuits attempting to prevent Arizona from enforcing federal immigration laws and attempts to secure the state and nation from whomever may be coming illegally across the border.
Unsuccessfully I might add, with many more States following Arizona’s lead.

World Leaders must be laughing at this Administration and the actions of Janet Napolitano, for their attempts to provide a model for border security, while refusing to secure their own border and demonstrating a blatant disregard for the welfare, security, safety and sovereignty of their own homeland border security.

With the new Congress being sworn in within the week – how will our newly elected leadership address U.S. border security and homeland security aboard? Will there be serious actions taken to stop illegal aliens and terrorists from entering across the border. Will there be a serious response to stop the influx of drugs and derail human smuggling and sex trafficking between the southern border? Is there anyone who will call Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and this Administration to the carpet for the inadequate, reckless, and insufficient response to the call for a secure border.

We will soon find out

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard every Thursday evening. Blog spot at and
Ruthie can be contacted at


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