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January 23, 2011

2012 – Are American Voter’s Being Scammed

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2012 – Are American Voter’s Being Scammed

Ruthie Hendrycks
Jan 2011

With the recent increased discussion, focus and push to garner the Hispanic/Latino vote for what some believe to be the “necessary votes” required to win the Presidential election of 2012, one must wonder if the American voter (no matter what ones’ ethnicity) is being scammed. The simple fact is that the scare tactics currently being forced upon the American voter concerning the “Hispanic Vote” is an inadequate representation of the truth.

The discussion – disingenuous to say the least – leads one to ask …. are Americans to assume that neither the Republicans nor Democrats have any plans to address the issues of a sensible legal immigration system, ending illegal immigration, enforcement of our immigration laws and border security.

Are the American Voters being riled up over an issue that is quite contentious, for the purposes of involvement and funding, only for neither party to stand up for the demands of the American majority to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws? Have you ever pondered exactly what percentage of the donations received by – your party of choice – actually is used in a manner against these demands or used to promote the party, in a language other than English – for one example?

However, there are solutions – but first, lets look at some facts:

—- 38 percent of Hispanic’s voted Republican in 2008, this is an increase of 11 percent over 2004, which only shows that the GOP is gaining in this demographic, at a time when the issue of illegal immigration continues to be on the forefront of the political scene.

—- There were approximately 28,890,000 million foreign born individuals living in the U.S. per the Department of Homeland Security in January of 2008. Of that number (per the same report)
11,600,000 were – what they term – resident unauthorized population – a number many believe to be higher.

—- Further break down on these numbers show that of the 11,600,000 illegal aliens in the U.S.
7,000,000 were from Mexico
570,000 from El Salvador
430,000 from Guatemala,
300,000 from Honduras and
180,000 from Brazil
with the remaining number of illegal aliens from China, Korea, India and “Other” Countries

– The easiest common sense solution would be to address illegal immigration in the U.S. and to secure the borders, but seeing that these demands have been answered with empty promises since the IRCA Amnesty of 1986 – let’s look at additional solutions.

– Voter Identification/Integrity.
Of the 29 million foreign born individuals in the U.S. in Jan 2008 – by the Department of Homeland Security’s own finding – approx 40 percent are illegal aliens and hence should be barred from participating in our voting electorate. States that immediately take action on this front, prior to the 2012 elections – would indeed be serving their constituents versus those illegally in the Country

– Corresponding With Our Elected Officials –
Ensuring that your voice is heard …. We must continue to correspond with our elected officials and representatives – those sworn to serve the American People.

For example:
1. Where is the distinction of legal resident versus illegal alien in this push for a specific ethnic focus segment?

2. Where is the discussion of unity versus segregation by ethnicity?

3. Where is the discussion from the GOP (and the Democrat’s I might add), of the foreign born citizens, those who followed the law – jumped thru all the hoops to obtain citizenship – who now want to weigh in on the future of this Country – a Country by the very action of citizenship .. They swore allegiance to – unlike the illegal alien with no allegiance?

4. Where is the discussion of the Rule of Law?

5. Where is the focused discussion of jobs and cutting spending? Specifically with the recent reports that Los Angeles County via County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, that the welfare benefit’s for the children of illegal immigrants cost more that $600 million last year? Or, the statistics released in a recent Reuters article – that 1.1 million new migrants who entered the U.S. since 2008 have landed jobs while the U.S. household unemployment rose 6.26 million and that approx 35 percent of these individuals are illegal aliens.

6. Where are the discussions of actions this Administration are currently taking to undermined the rule of law and promote illegal immigration?

And finally,
7. Where is the discussion – AND THE CANDIDATE – that will make these distinctions, discuss these issues and represent American’s – versus pandering, pushing and acting on what they believe … is best to get them in office and power?

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard every Thursday evening. Blog spot at and
Ruthie can be contacted at


January 18, 2011

Is It – Smith Goes To Washington OR Where Is Lamar?

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Is It – Smith Goes To Washington OR Where Is Lamar?
By Ruthie Hendrycks
Jan 16th, 2011

Recently, I reported on several actions that the Federal Government is taking on the illegal immigration front that are: a complete violation of our immigration laws, places the nations sovereignty in extreme jeopardy and raises serious questions for our future safety and security.

Let’s look at four:
1. Take for example the placement of buoys by a government agency, the Imperial Water District – at a
$1.1 million price tag to the American taxpayer to provide safety to those on their way to enter the United States illegally. Of course, this is not the only safety net provided to these individuals, in their quest to ignore and break our immigration laws. This is aiding and abetting illegal activity and must stop.

2. The current revised – but general – agreement between Obama and the Mexican Government to allow Mexican trucks on our roadways. An agreement dating back to 1996, an agreement that was made prior to 9/11/2001, that was made prior to the increased violent Drug Wars currently taking thousands of lives in Mexico and an agreement that was made before the economic decline and uncertainty we now face.
In the financial times Americans find themselves in, and with no real or clear signal that this Administration is going to be proactive to correct it – why would we open our roadways to Mexican trucks which will not only have a negative effect to the employment and income of America’s truck drivers and industry, but will also put the safety of our roadways in jeopardy. And of course, there seems to be no discussion of the increased risk of drugs, human smuggling and possible terrorism and crime that would no doubt be associated with such a move.

3. Better yet – Many are outraged and cannot believe that while Janet Napolitano’s TSA Squad continues to grope and humiliate millions of Americans in airports – all in the name of security, Napolitano along with the Mexican Government are working on what is coined “The Trusted Traveler Card”. Mexican officials have already stated that they believe this program could allow upwards of 84 million Mexicans to enter the United States with the swipe of a card. Of course, there would be an application and then an interview to ensure our safety. I am sure that this brings comfort to very few. And the leap of faith in the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the background checks of those entering brings little comfort seeing we are not able to secure our own borders. The risks of such a program are tremendous and will completely erode this nation’s sovereignty.

4. Adding to the insanity is the news that the ACLU has filed yet another motion in a Phoenix U.S. District Court, asking Judge Susan Bolton to block 5A and 5B of Arizona’s legislation SB 1070. Both provisions address day labor. The ACLU states that it makes it hard for “day laborers” (eg. Illegal aliens) to look for work and that the “real” issue is the First Amendment and that thru freedom of speech illegal aliens should be allowed to solicit employment. Funny, isn’t it, ACLU’s concern for an ILLEGAL aliens freedom of speech and combating the laws Arizona has put forth, but it demonstrates no concern with our immigration laws… like US Code 8. And, there seems to be little concern for the unemployed American.

At a time when more and more States are forced to take legislative actions with regards to illegal immigration, into their own hands due to the inaction of this Administration to enforce our immigration laws …… one must ask – federally, when will the newly elected Congress address not only these four examples but the many more that are looming, including that of our unsecured borders?

Leading many of us to ask …. Is It – Smith Goes To Washington OR Where Is Lamar?
Mr. Lamar Smith, Head of the Judiciary Committee can be reached by going to

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard every Thursday evening. Blog spot at and
Ruthie can be contacted at

January 3, 2011

Securing Yet Another Border – But Not Our Own

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Securing Yet Another Border – But Not Our Own
January 2011
By: Ruthie Hendrycks

Recently, we heard … news reports of Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, proclaiming securing the border from human smuggling and drugs. The news however, was not of securing our own southern border but that of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not only is this – in my opinion – yet another demonstration of the incompetence, dereliction of duty and lack of common sense by Janet Napolitano, but it is also a slap in the face to every American who has demanded security at home …
our Homeland. In short, the hypocrisy of the Department of Homeland Security and Border Security is simply astounding.

Let me ask – While there are many already who doubt the viability and actual successfulness of this proposed action, isn’t it possible…. that General Petraeus with all his wares, experience and years of service, along with the excellence of our brave men and women of the military – that they could address the security needs of this border? Are we to believe, that for some reason Napolitano and Border Patrols agents must be involved instead of performing their duties on our own border?

And, to add insult to injury – we now hear this Administration may send additional personnel not only to Middle East, but to Mexico as well – to train them on border security – nothing like setting them up for failure. And, as for our southern border and Mexico ….. is the Mexican Government, Military and the Calderon Administration not smart enough to figure this out without the assistance of the U.S. military? Does this continue to enforce the thoughts and comments by many that Calderon has indeed completely lost control of Mexico?

This continued “hogwash” that we must teach these countries how to secure their borders and homeland while our borders remain unsecured would be laughable – if not so serious. It is simply inexcusable to the American taxpayer, both financially and with lives, that we place the borders of others over the importance of our own. Not to mention, the implication that these Countries may or may not be capable of their own security. Wouldn’t sending simple directives that explain our border control policies – or lack thereof – or stepped up intelligence by those already serving in the area —- serve the purpose?

But of greater importance is the COMPLETE FAILURE of DHS to protect Americans at our borders. For example: the Officer of Inspector General (OIG) in December, 2010 released a report showing the failure to enforce the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative at our land borders- a failure that amounts to a security vulnerability. This program, mandated by Congress, meant to enforce stringent identification requirements at our borders is failing miserably. The results of this study found that 2.3 million travelers failed to provide the proper documentation – 1.1 million in Texas alone.

While we continued to witness the escalation of the violent drug war just over our UNSECURED southern border, and Americans and Legal Residents continue to see the influx of illegal aliens, human smuggling, drugs etc., entering the United States and experience the negative financial, employment and criminal impacts at the hands of someone who should not have been in the US to begin with – why would anyone choose Napolitano and the U.S. DHS to teach them anything on border security – seeing we clearly do not have control of ours?

CONSIDER THIS: As law enforcement and the State Government leadership of Arizona, beg, plead and demand stricter border and inland enforcement against the effects of our unsecured southern border and must finally move forward with their own legislation – this Administration, the Attorney General and Homeland Security respond with lawsuits attempting to prevent Arizona from enforcing federal immigration laws and attempts to secure the state and nation from whomever may be coming illegally across the border.
Unsuccessfully I might add, with many more States following Arizona’s lead.

World Leaders must be laughing at this Administration and the actions of Janet Napolitano, for their attempts to provide a model for border security, while refusing to secure their own border and demonstrating a blatant disregard for the welfare, security, safety and sovereignty of their own homeland border security.

With the new Congress being sworn in within the week – how will our newly elected leadership address U.S. border security and homeland security aboard? Will there be serious actions taken to stop illegal aliens and terrorists from entering across the border. Will there be a serious response to stop the influx of drugs and derail human smuggling and sex trafficking between the southern border? Is there anyone who will call Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and this Administration to the carpet for the inadequate, reckless, and insufficient response to the call for a secure border.

We will soon find out

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard every Thursday evening. Blog spot at and
Ruthie can be contacted at

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