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November 17, 2010

Illegal Immigration and Napolitano and her TSA Squad

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Illegal Immigration and Napolitano and her TSA Squad
How illegal immigration plays into the TSA controversy

By Ruthie Hendrycks
Nov 16, 2010

Unless you live under a rock, you have no doubt heard of the controversy and outcry over the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) actions of demanding that paying customers either agree to a naked body scan or an intrusive pat down/search or do not fly.

And, let’s not ignore that the naked body images taken by these scanners have already hit the Internet, for all to view.

There are those who feel that this is what we have unfortunately come to – to attempt to provide safety to air travel. Then, there are those who are adamantly opposed, stating it as over the top, useless and a violation of their rights.

Of course, Janet Napolitano is handling the situation, in my opinion, in the same fashion she is handling many issues concerning our security and safety – inadequately and neglectfully. And, it is the airlines (that I can already hear are “To Big To Fail”) that are going to pay the price.

Napolitano, already has made statements that they may tweak, what she calls “the process and procedures” for Muslims – many wearing clothing that would enable the admittance of bombs etc. Why the tweaking… it is efforts to bow to Muslims religious demands and to address the voices from CAIR.
Apparently however, the voices and demands from the majority of the American people – do not seem to be of importance – specifically, the demands for security and safety from the negative aspects of illegal immigration.

One must ask – why is it that Napolitano and the TSA believe they have the right …….
to force Americans to submit to groping and manhandling, all in the name of security – but when the State of Arizona acts to provide security and safety to its residents, in addition to many of us across this nation from the effects of Mexico’s violence, illegal immigration, human smuggling, drugs and terrorists entering our Country – Arizona is sued.

Some may say, that an individuals’ odds of safety would be much better on one of the 28,000 plus commercial flights that take place everyday in the US – then their safety concerns if they reside on the U.S./Mexican border.

One must ask – if our safety is paramount, then why did the very same Napolitano and TSA – allow 30 illegal aliens to take flight training (as I shared last week) who’s immigration status was not checked. Who are these people?

One must ask, why individuals who are unable to speak NOR read English were working on airplanes in Texas, where crew managers needed interpreters to talk to these workers, stating that they can’t read the manuals, they can’t write, and I have so many working for me I can’t be sure of the work they’ve done.”,2933,520694,00.html .

One must ask, if our safety, security and sovereignty is Napolitano’s top priority, then why are our immigration laws NOT enforced and why do our borders and ports remain unsecured, allowing prospective terrorists – those going through Mexico to enter the United States – only to disappear into the landscape? The terrorists who have and will continue to attempt to bring death to Americans – the same terrorists that enter illegally or are just missed by the process and procedures of the Department of Homeland Security.

Why should anyone submit to the whim’s of Janet Napolitano and the TSA, unless all efforts to provide security to our nation are implemented fairly to every single individual and our current immigration laws are implemented which would include a secure border and enforcement of immigration laws to adequately be aware of who is entering the U.S.

Why are Americans continuing to be forced to jump through hoops – while the DHS is playing favorites with regards to who is excluded from participating and ignoring certain laws, including illegal entry.
Unfortunately, “this chosen agenda” to ignore specific laws and groups of individuals by Janet Napolitano, the DHS, the TSA and the current Administration, will only add to and increase the continued frustration felt by Americans.

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard at blogspot at and she can be contacted at


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