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May 3, 2010


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By Ruthie Hendrycks
May 1st, 2010

Today as we watch millions take to the streets protesting, rallying and marching
for those who have – with full knowledge and malice broken our laws – one must
wonder …. why are these people, not concerned with the impact of their actions with regards to their fellow citizens and those legally in the Country? Where are the concerns for the unemployed Americans, lose who have lost their homes, those living in the streets who just want a better life, to mention a few issues.

We watch, as they demand rewards for those who show absolutely no respect for our laws but when those – in opposition to they actions – make demands to enforce and uphold our laws – those calls go ignored and meet with false accusations.

One needs only look to Arizona for proof.
Arizona, a state under siege, that has created legislation that does nothing more than enforce our federal laws. And, to add insult to injury, we see elected officials across the nation calling for economic hardship to fellow Americans in attempt to punish a State for following the rule of law. It is ironic to note …. that these individuals make such outlandish calls – while they themselves, are breaking the law in support of actions such as Sanctuary policies.
In a nutshell:
“Arizona enforces the law while those calling for boycotts, in many cases are breaking it.”

Of course, the attacks to those who support the rule of law and look at the financial, economic and social impacts of rewarding those illegally in the Country – illegally aliens, with amnesty is meet with accusations of racism and comparison to Nazism.

It is maddening that individuals such as those in Tea Party groups, who LAWFULLY – rally in parks, at State Capitals and other various locations – demanding common sense from our elected officials and to have their voices heard – are degraded and attacked for their positions, but those illegally in the Country (non citizens) are given full reign to march in the streets with protection from any form of immigration enforcement and praised.

Why are those marching, not as concerned for the welfare of our law enforcement on the border as for those who crossed it? It should be known…… as I share my thoughts with you, another officer has been lucky enough to escape death, at the hands of illegal alien drug smugglers on the border.

Not surprising is that while they march – many emphasize border security, which we all know is nothing more that horse hockey. If real border security was to be implemented, there would be no need to wait for amnesty legislation. They could implement such security immediately to stop the flow of drugs, violence and illegal aliens – possibly saving the lives of those serving on the border.

In addition, I would venture to guess, that many are unaware of the Family Unification portion of the House amnesty bill – which in essence, rewards illegal aliens’ criminal behavior with the ability to bring their family members to the U.S. – in the name of family unity. Those advocating for amnesty will demand this provision be included in any legislation or it will be deemed unacceptable – (yet another demand). And, how will this affect our sovereignty and safety? Quite frankly, we have no idea who is already here illegally – much less bringing in those who may or just claim to be family members.

Do those who support such rewards and the non enforcement of our laws fully grasp the future implications and effects of simply changing the law at will – to satisfy the demands of those who simply choose to ignore it? And where will such legislation and behavior lead in the future – for those who will make demand against laws – they do not like.
Shouldn’t we be holding those accountable and responsible for non enforcement of our laws which has lead the nation to this stage?

The majority of the American people and those Legally in the Country are against rewarding illegal behavior with amnesty. Many are aware of the future consequences this will have not only on our nation – but our rule of law as well. Many also realize that much of the motivation in support of amnesty – especially in Washington – has little to nothing to do with the welfare our illegal aliens – but with that of votes, head counts and cheap labor, because if the motivation was merely to improve ones life – they would start with their own fellow citizens – not those from another country?

One must wonder – when will we take to the streets to have our demands meet?

Ruthie Hendrycks

Ruthie Hendrycks, is the President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform,, She is the host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be found at In addition, her articles can be found at She is a member of various groups combating illegal immigration. She can be contacted at


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