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January 25, 2010


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January 2010

Enclosed is a questionnaire concerning the heated and controversial issue of Illegal Immigration.
To make your participation as easy as possible – it is in a YES or NO format. The option to add
additional comments is provided, but not necessary.
We do realize, that legislatively you may or may not have the opportunity to address the questions that follow, however – you do have a voice and the right to an opinion.

This questionnaire is being sent to you by Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform (MINNSIR).
Your response or lack of participation will be shared with our membership

We ask that you complete the survey and return via email to or print this questionnaire
and return via mail to MINNSIR, Box 87, Hanska, MN 56041.

Please complete the following information as to verify your returned responses

NAME: ______________________________

Contact address: ___________________________________________________

Contact Telephone Number and Website ________________________________

Current Office or Candidate Position ___________________________________

1. Do you support a Pathway to Citizenship for the estimated 10-20 million illegal aliens currently in the United States?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

2. Do you believe that current legislation, be it a ‘Pathway to Citizenship‘, ‘Guest worker program’, or ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ is nothing more than another Amnesty for those who have broken our immigration laws?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

3. Do you believe that our Immigration System is broken due to NON enforcement of our immigration laws?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

4. Are you aware of the many polls that show Americans do not want a Pathway to Citizenship legislation?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

5. Do you believe that we must take control of our borders and ports and know who is entering the U. S.?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

6. Do you believe that our borders and ports should be secured immediately ?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

7. Do you agree that “No one is above the Law’ and that our laws should be enforced….. therefore the practice of a “Sanctuary Policy” must stop?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

8. Do you agree that Identity Theft and Fraudulent Identification is a serious crime and should be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

9. Do you support local law enforcement agencies that choose to participate in 287(g) programs?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

10. Do you believe that with the current overflow of our prisons, state and local jails – that to address
the overall financial burdens that are incurred, that those who have served out their sentence, should be immediately deported and to ensure that these criminal illegal aliens do not return – again we must secure our borders and ports?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

11. Do you believe that our national language should be English?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

12. Do you believe that the US Taxpayer should be required to financially assist those through various programs that are in the United States illegally?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

13. Do you agree with the statement that those illegally in the Country should NOT be given a Driver’s License?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

14. Do you agree with the statement that In-State Tuition should not be granted to those who are not legal residents of the United States ?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

15.Do you believe that there is not enough current discussion on future concerns, such as:
US sustainability regarding: urban sprawl, water supplies, etc. and that you would be willing to take the lead on the future impact to the US with regards to these sustainability concerns?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

16. Our electoral process is a voice of the American people. Would you agree with the statement, that voting is a privilege not a right and that it should be reserved for American Citizens and Legal Residents only? And, that you would vote and advocate for legislation to ensure that those illegally in the Country do not vote?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

17. Do you agree with the statement that those illegally in the Country should not be counted in the Census?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

18. Do you agree with the statement that illegal aliens should NOT be included in any healthcare legislation, if passed in the future?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

19. With the current economic concerns and unemployment rate, do you believe that any discussion of adding 12-20 million illegal aliens to a “Pathway” and the chain immigration that would follow, should be addressed now?
Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

20. Do you believe that the American citizen and Legal Residents would be better served if, instead of a discussion of a pathway to citizenship, – we would discuss “Attrition Thru Enforcement“?

Yes_____ No _____ Undecided _____

Any Additional Comments you would like to submit












Thank you for your participation

If you would like to contact MINNSIR the information is provided below

Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform – MINNSIR
Box 87
Hanska, Minnesota 56041



January 8, 2010

The Man Made Threat To Our Security At Home

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By Ruthie Hendrycks
January 7,2010

In recent days, we have heard alarming details concerning the recent failure terrorist attempt
of Flight 253, but to me what is more alarming, is the fact that this Administration continues to be reactive instead of proactive. Reactive in the fashion of continuing to demand more of our freedom and liberties from the people they are to protect than from those wishing to harm every man, woman and child in the US.
They feed the news waves with stories such as, the two Yemen terrorists killed on or around Jan. 4th in an effort to comfort the concerns Americans are increasing feeling. Do not misunderstand – this information is very important no matter what your perspective of the incident is, but does this really bring feelings of security? And yet, we continue to handle individuals, such as the now lawyer’ed up terrorist, who wish us death, with kid gloves.

But, what really angers me, what causes major concerns and should be immediately responded to by both this Administration and Homeland Security is they handling – or should I say non-handling of the pending domestic violence, we no doubt will experience and for many already have.

How many illegal aliens are in the US? 10 million, 12 million 20 or 30 million? Do one knows exactly, and that is my point…………. if those in charge of our national security have no idea WHO and HOW MANY individuals have successfully illegally entered the US, (many being deported numerous times only to enter yet once again), – how can they propose that they are insuring our safety? And, of course, this does not bring into play those who entered legally only to overstay their visa’s and those who should have NEVER been granted a visa in the first place.

Add to this situation, is the pending legislation, known as Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Legislation proposed to grant citizenship to the unknown millions of individuals who have done nothing more than broken our laws. It is rewarding illegal behavior and actions with citizenship – clearly Amnesty.
This legislation has huge hurdles to jump including that of our security and I believe the American people will once again defeat any attempt for passage. A simple question that is not being asked or not loudly enough…… Why is our Country, our borders and ports not secured prior to any discussion of Amnesty?

How can and how DARE, those put in charge of our homeland security put forth a false sense of security while our borders and ports remain unsecured. This is yet another reactive stance rather than proactive.
Meanwhile we play a game of words……. Words like Man Made Disaster instead of War On Terror, words like Undocumented instead of the real wording – Illegal Alien. So if I may… let me ask Napolitano – using her terminology – “Why are Americans continually subjected to Man Made disasters at the hands of illegal aliens?” I am speaking of those Americans, of all races, colors and creeds, who have suffered crimes such as rape, murder, theft etc at the hands of someone who should not be in the Country to begin with? This truly is a MAN MADE disaster, man made by the refusal of this Administration and past Administrations – to enforce our laws. Think this is too strong, I beg to differ and suggest that you ask those who have lost loved ones or those who have been the victims, if they agree.

And yet, the mainstream media down plays stories such as Hezbollah joining forces with the drug Cartels in Mexico. Per the article, “They are teaching them gorilla terror tactics that they use in the Middle East”. One high ranking Mexican Army Office who requested to remain anonymous stated :Hezbollah is now believed to be training Mexican drug cartels the art of bomb making.“
The mainstream media, those with a specific agenda, also fail to correctly and accurately report the violence and death of thousands of individuals in Mexico and ignore the aspects of it extending over our southern border – a violence that will – once it expands – be felt by Americans. Is the Administration aware of this? Is Homeland Security aware? If not – why not – we are and if they aware and in the ‘know’ why is our security from these risks not being addressed?

The lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and the lax security to our nation is not only from individuals residing in Mexico, indeed there are entering from all over the world, but due to the non enforcement on our southern border – many are using this route.

Such an example, is that in a recent article in the North County Times, a heart tugging story by the Associated Press chalked full of sympathy of a Somalia man who recently entered the US illegally via Mexico. After being caught and facing deportation – this individual, who we know virtually nothing about besides his request for asylum – was granted a stay. Kheire left the courtroom and was later dropped off by authorities at a train station with $5.00 in his pocket.

For those already screaming at their screens “Not all illegal aliens are criminals” let me respond with this………
Although they may not all intend to commit crimes against Americans, they all have broken our laws and it is about time that the security of every American is put first.
For those exhaling the same tired old comment of “Americans commit crimes too“….. let me respond with this……….
You are correct – so exactly what does that mean??? Should we ignore their illegal immigration status or their invalid visas because we have crime?

I ask you — What is the price of our security and what would you not do to secure safety for your family? We must know who is entering our Country and why. If and when, the next major act of violence in American, is from a terrorist that entered not by an airplane, such as the Flight 253 terrorist, but rather thru our open borders and ports, for example Mexico, who should be held responsible. More importantly, who should NOW be held responsible for the Man Made disasters against Americans that are already taking place?

Watch for future articles on this issue in the upcoming weeks.

Ruthie Hendrycks, is the President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform,, She is the host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be found at In addition, her articles can be found at or at She is a member of various groups including those combating illegal immigration. She can be contacted at

January 4, 2010

Domestic Violence Asylum – Why help here instead of there?

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Domestic Violence Asylum
Why help here instead of there?

By: Ruthie Hendrycks
January 3, 2010

First, let me say that the issue of Domestic Violence is one that I do not take lightly, it is an issue I have strong opinions, thoughts and concerns with – most likely stemming from my mother and fathers relationship, may he rest in peace and I also believe that as a humane society – we must address this issue and STOP IT.

However, with that said, I would also like to state that I believe we should clean our own house before we continue to clean the homes of everyone else.

Let me explain:
Following my thoughts…. is an article, concerning domestic violence abroad and the seek for asylum in the United States. Although dated 7/09 it was first brought to my attention and should be shared with you.

Tackling domestic violence is a gallant and welcomed action however the issue is not if those who experience domestic violence, should receive assistance – but if they need the Administration of the United States of America to do so and if they need to physically reside in the US.
Simply put : The issue is not if they need help and assistance – the issue is why us and why here.

Everyday in the United States, one woman is beaten by her husband every 15 seconds, with three to four million women in the U.S. beaten in their homes yearly. Battering is prevalent in all races, economic classes, affiliations, occupations and backgrounds no matter what your social or educational status may be. And per our now…. Vice President of the U.S., then Senator, Joseph Biden in 1991 “Fifty percent of all homeless women and children in this country are fleeing domestic violence“. These are Americans on the run fearing for their lives

I must add here… the fact that while doing minimal research for this article, I was amazed at the resources for those classified as minorities. Should our efforts not be for all Americans first, working to provide them safety and a life without abuse over that of race and gender and other countries?

Knowing this one must ask…………..
What about those in our own house – The American Woman -or Man- or is on the run in their own country who fears for their lives? What Country will welcome with Asylum?

Where is the government from which they are fleeing – why do these leaders not care as much for their fellow citizens to stop the abuse?

Why is it that the Governments of every Country that is humanized to the role of the ‘Spouse’ and the dignity that should be demanded of everyone – not stepping up to the plate and addressing the issue and why do we not demand they do so, instead of bringing them to our soil, soil that has its own victims?

With the lack of homeland security, which is well documented and the lack of leadership to secure our nation, in addition to a wide open border – especially from several of the countries listed in this story, what is preventing the abuser from finding them here in the US?

One must also ask if there are those – those really not experiencing the abuse that they claim – that will use this to scam their way into citizenship to the U.S. – seeing is it obvious to all but not stated by those with an open borders agenda that we do not know who is in our Country – who will be in charge of the proof need to ensure claims made are not a scam and who will pay for this truth finding?
Who will pay for all this legality to determine if their claims are true?

Although it is obvious, this South Asian group is doing a service that needs to be addressed, why is their focus on a specific group and not for Americans, and why do they not fight to change abuse in the countries they advocate for there instead of here? Where does the funding for these groups come from – the American taxpayer? If so, why are we not putting more funds to Americans who are abused everyday to stop domestic violence in our own Country before we extend the arm of asylum in the USA to others experiencing the same violence and devastation?

What does this do and what message does it send to those who remain in these Countries. Primarily the women who cannot flee and the abusers who go unpunished.

This is another attempt -no matter how gallant- at fixing problems of those in other Countries over that of our own and provides yet another avenue for the erosion of our sovereignty and abuse of our immigration laws. Maybe, this current Administration, could work with the Countries that these victims are fleeing to end the cycle of violence there instead of bringing these victims here and address the needs of Americans and Legal Residents who suffer domestic violence.

And that is a Ruthie Response memo………..
Ruthie Hendrycks

Obama Allows Asylum for Battered Women
New America Media, News Report, Viji Sundaram, Posted: Jul 18, 2009
Editor’s Note: Foreign battered women who want to start a new life in the United States have finally a chance to do that through asylum, thanks to the Obama administration revising asylum laws, reports NAM health editor Viji Sundaram.

Calling it one of the best options the Obama administration has made available to foreign battered women, women’s advocacy groups in the United States lauded the administration for making it possible for those women to begin a new life in this country.

Earlier this week, the administration said that if women in foreign countries could show, in addition to meeting other strict conditions to asylum, that they had been treated by their abuser as little more than chattel, and that their home countries wink at such behavior, then the women could seek to make the United States their permanent home.

“This restoration of gender-based asylum should be celebrated,” said Purvi Shah, executive director of the 20-year-old New York-based support group for South Asian abused women, Sakhi. “We all deserve to live free of abuse, and immigration status should not be a barrier to that vision of a healthy life.”

“It’s a very positive policy change,” asserted Karen Musalo, director of the Center for Gender and Refugee Studies at the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. “It’s going to benefit many women.”

The administration’s position stemmed from a case filed in an immigration appeals court by a Mexican woman who said she would likely be murdered by her common law husband in Mexico if she were sent back to her homeland. In court documents, the woman claimed she had been repeatedly raped at gunpoint by her husband, and threatened to be burnt alive when he found out that she was pregnant.
Several other such claims by other battered women seeking asylum have been tied up in the U.S. courts in the last dozen years. The Bush administration did not want to recognize those claims, the first of which was filed in 1996 by a Guatemalan woman. After many years of litigation, an immigration court declared that she was not a part of any persecuted group under U.S. law.

Three years ago, Congress gave some relief to undocumented abused women in the form of the so-called U-visa, which allowed them a temporary work permit, which could eventually lead to a green card.

But last week’s move by the Obama administration would allow abused women to file for legal residency status through asylum.

“Asylum gives you permanent status without having to go through any other steps,” said Sheela Murthy, an immigration lawyer in Baltimore, Md., who also advocates for women.

Most requests for asylum currently filed in the United States are based on claims by applicants that they fear persecution if they are sent back to their homeland because of their race, religion, nationality, political beliefs or any particular party they may belong to. Murthy said nearly 80 percent of those applicants are denied asylum for lack of providing adequate evidence.

Asylum seekers generally arrive in the United States on fake travel documents. Upon arrival at the airport, they ask for asylum.

“Getting asylum is not going to be a slam dunk” for abused women, Murthy reiterated, noting that they have to meet the most stringent of requirements.

Even so, Atashi Chakravarty, executive director of the Berkeley-based help line for South Asian battered women, said she believes that scores of people from the Indian sub-continent will benefit from the new policy change.

“We have clients who are taken to India by their abusive spouses and abandoned there, only to face more physical and emotional abuse from their in-laws,” Chakravarty said.

Shah and other women’s advocates say there is no danger of the new policy opening the floodgates of applications from women who claim they were battered.

“Anyone who believes such a thing has never filed for asylum,” said Shah, noting: “The fact that this route exists again doesn’t negate the need for significant evidence of abuse and the need to meet very rigorous parameters to qualify for gender-based asylum.

“This is why other strategies for immigration relief must still exist – so that any immigrant survivor understands she can be safe, and that in the United States, violence against women is a crime which will not be condoned.”


Ruthie Hendrycks, is the President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform,, She is the host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be found at In addition, her articles can be found at or at She is a member of various groups including those combating illegal immigration. She can be contacted at

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