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May 17, 2009

Lost Lives – The Continuing Illegal Immigration Saga

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Lost Lives – The Continued Illegal Immigration Saga
By Ruthie Hendrycks

The frustration and animosity concerning illegal immigration – continues to rise.

An example is the most recent case in Nebraska of little Josie Bluhm, age four, whose life was snuffed out May13th, 2009 by an illegal alien with four previous DWI’s – three in Nebraska and one in Kansas, who entered the US illegally approximately 14 years ago

Remember the “Cottonwood Four” of Minnesota who also lost their lives at the hands of an illegal alien behind the wheel. I hesitate to mention them – not with regards to the fury of emotions it brings back with regards to the issue of illegal immigration – but with respect of the families and friends of those lost, and maybe that is the problem.

Many columnists and writers continue to write on such incidences because we are disturbed and angered by the violence we see happening all around us – but, we also hesitate to continually hit home on one particular incident with compassion for those left behind. Compassionately speaking – it is a wrong if you do and a wrong if you do not situation.

Sadly, these tragic accidents could have been avoided and the simple fast that Little Josie and others may be alive today – cannot be denied, if only our immigration policies were enforced. Cases, such as the two mentioned above are not rare – there is case after case to report, but at what cost to the grieving loves ones?

This double standard of non enforcement of certain laws – immigration enforcement- for a select group of individuals – while others, such as Americans and legal residents are expected to conform and follow the law – can only lead to Anarchy – a term I assume Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano would possibly refer to as “Man made Frustration”.

As frustrations continue to grow with these senseless crimes by someone who should bot have been in the country to begin with – we witness nothing by many of our elected officials in the form of addressing the issue. This is compounded with efforts by the mainstream media to put a human side to those who are here illegally committing crimes. When will the mainstream media stop the never ending hug tugging bias reporting of these deaths and elected officials wake up and take action?

Why would such a position be taken by those who were elected to provide for our safety? With regards to the two major parties ( there are more than two parties in this Country)? One party is falling all over themselves to pander to the illegal alien for future votes and funding. While the other party now finds itself dually split, with one side praying for the return of the Grand Old Party and the other attempting to take a middle road of pandering but try as well to retain remnants of what their positions were – not realizing that those they are attempting to pander to – would most likely not switch sides, because of the excessive pandering taking place by the first party.

Sadly, while we wait for real leadership on the issue of illegal immigration – an issue that elected officials and politicians avoid like the plague – it is the lives of innocent children, of average Americans and legal residence, that are felling and living with the realities of illegal immigration.

And for what – with the current population of the US at approx 306,000,000 and the estimated population of illegal aliens at 12 to 30 million – this would equal a percentage of 10 percent – at best. So in essence we have pandering of illegal activity for a small minority of the population and again … at what cost?

Maybe what is really needed is answers to several tough questions…………….
What is the worth of a child’s life? How many votes and to what level of cheap labor, do we allocate for the death of our youth and other as well? What is the price for a diverse nation – no matter what race, color or creed one may be without enforcement of our laws? And truly how important is the rule of law? When will those who are elected to work on behalf of American citizens and to protect and defend – start pandering to Americans and legal residents versus illegal aliens?

We hear discussion after discussion of reform – and that is specifically where both sides – those for and those against illegal immigration – lose ground. What is needed is not reform of our immigration laws, rather ENFORCEMENT. Combined with a resigned commitment for a sensible immigration policy that benefit’s the United States of America, that demands of those wishing to share in the American dream to do so legally – with an understanding of compliance for our language – English, our laws, our cultural aspects and for our Flag – that no other flag may fly above.


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