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March 9, 2015

Is This Administration Purposely Flooding This Nation for Votes in 2016 or Just Trying To Destroy It?

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Is This Administration Purposely Flooding This Nation for Votes in 2016 or Just Trying To Destroy It?

Ruthie Hendrycks

February 21, 2015

Below are six questions that should make you wonder – just what is this Administration doing?

Currently, we see this Administration – without Congress intervening …waiving, pardoning, paroling and assisting all kinds of individuals to COME to AMERICA all the while throwing any sane legal entry process under the bus and playing accomplice to illegal entry.

There was a time when the asylum process and refugee programs where implemented for those who truly fit the bill – not where illegal aliens can approach the border and simply demand it or refugees are brought by the masses to fulfill an agenda – Obama is utilizing them as a tool – skirting their original intent in a form of illegal immigration on steroids.

But why …………………….

The six questions (just a few of many) follow but, first here are JUST three Refugee programs to consider showing the destruction and integrity of these programs, while keeping in the back of your mind the memo’s by Dept of Homeland Security facilitating the illegal alien invasion …. some are already in play – where others have not yet begun and should not. Click the program for the article.

The CAM Refugee Program – The Central American Minors (CAM) Refugee/Parole Program provides certain qualified minors and qualifying family members in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras a safe, legal, and orderly alternative to the dangerous journey that some children are currently undertaking to the United States.

The Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program – Starting in 2015, the DHS on a (wink wink) case by case basis will begin implementation of a Haitian Family Reunification Parole (HFRP) Program to unite eligible Haitian family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents of the U.S. and to promote safe, legal and orderly migration from Haiti to the United States.

The HFRP program will authorize DHS to PAROLE certain individuals for urgent humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit. Of course no one can explain why their just do not fill out the requirement of waiting two years in their homeland instead of a parole by DHS.

And, par for the course they will get work permits but not a permanent resident status any earlier.

The Syrian Refugee Program – The United States will see thousands more refugees from Syria in 2015 and 2016, despite concerns about foreign fighters. Mike McCaul (R-Texas) said it would be a “huge mistake” to bring refugees from Syria and Turkey into the United States where they “could potentially be radicalized” but this Administration seems to be pushing full speed ahead

Why would we allow individuals to fulfill their two year wait time here with work permits etc. instead of there – couldn’t be so that they could vote – could it … and why is our National Security risks not taking a front seat to some refugee program with we know they are not being properly screened.

Why are they coming here in the first place – for economic opportunity – oh please we have 18 plus million Americans unemployed, we have veterans living in the streets – American family living underground and our own problem with hungry children – is that the economic opportunity they seek?

Are they coming because of the socialist communist leadership in their countries – much like we are experiencing here in the USA – where the leader can say 22 times to the ears of the bias media and citizens that it is against the law …the path he wants to take but then turns around and does it anyways – where the legal system has stopped his ‘I am king’ agenda only for Obama to attempt to override the legal system – you mean that kind of liberty and justice?

Why is this Administration, Congress and advocacy groups working so hard with the heart tugging stories to bring those they seek to help here…. instead of helping them there in their own homeland – making their lives and countries better there – why do they have to reside in the U.S. and better yet ….why are we in charge of their futures – why are they not taking the stand there and improving their lives and homeland?

With the 2016 ELECTIONS gearing up – the Republican party with many candidates and the Democratic Party with no one yet making it official that they will run and hopefully a yet unannounced candidate with Americans as their priority ….. What are these candidates going to do if they win the election….. What are they going to do for example regarding unemployment with this current administration is bringing in hundreds of thousand/millions of individuals and granting them work permits. Quite frankly – if they (those in the position to do so) will do nothing now to stop this insanity and progressive assault …what will they do once elected?

What is the next president going to do about taxes when we see government dependence sky-rocketing and Obama just brings in more and more – thru refugee program that is nothing more than a go around illegal immigration – we the American taxpayers are just paying to bring them in instead of them paying the smugglers.

What ever happened to the oaths our elected officials ….. putting the welfare of the American Citizenry first – before that of foreigners and illegal aliens. What ever happened to the pride in the American Dream and the lawful and orderly way of obtaining it? Time we stop this nonsense and lawlessness – assist if we CHOOSE – not MANDATED our fellow humans there — not here and fix our own house before we try fixing everyone else’s at the expense of the American Citizen.


March 5, 2015

Where Do We Go From Here

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Where Do We Go From Here

March 4th, 2015

Ruthie Hendrycks

By now you have heard that the Republican Party voted with the minority Democratic Party … this time to fund Obama’s lawless amnesty. In essence – once again – the GOP is showing supporters that campaign promises prior to the November 2014 elections were nothing more than mere words…. Broken by their actions – lies!!!!!!!!!!

Of course the Republican Members that voted for this treason are stating that they had no other choice but to cave and – once again – agreed to the whims of the Democratic Party and this Administration – you know ….for our good…. our Homeland Defense. So let me get this straight – these Congressmen and women are so worried about homeland security they funded a program to reward the lawless illegal alien – aliens that for the majority we know nothing about and that will send a message that will lead to increased illegal entry over an unsecured border – You CAN NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!!!!!!!!

So where do those of us fighting this unconstitutional lawless illegal invasion go from here – Those of us who have donated so much of ourselves to ending this insanity? There are those that believe that battle is over … it is NOT! Many of our fellow Patriots have a variety of ideas on how to proceed and simply put…. To NOT fight forward to end the fundamental transformation Obama seeks would only cement the destruction.

Here are just a few of the ideas being presented: 1. The 26 State Lawsuit; 2. States Rights;

3. Third Party; 4. Voting Integrity; 5. Fighting and Eliminating the Donors and Funding;

6. Revolution!!!

The Lawsuit is a viable option and of course the 26 States that are suing are not the only ones taking a judicial approach to this treason – there are others like Sheriff Joe, Judicial Watch and more – it is painfully obvious that many (not all) of our Federal Representatives will be of no assistance… they just funded an amnesty that 26 States are suing to stop and a Federal Judge – Judge Hanen – has put on hold. Unfortunately and par for the course, King Obama is not listening and proceeding forward – he must be stopped via the States

States Rights – goes somewhat hand in hand with the lawsuit – but if push came to shove is there enough States that would not comply to Obama’s Memo’s?

Voting Integrity would be another avenue – if the illegal alien amongst us could not vote – I believe, many of those pushing this nonsense would have a change of heart – unfortunately at this time we see absolutely no one taking the lead here either. Maybe those who are working for the American Citizen who will fund the lawlessness – will find a way to ensure illegal aliens are not voting – they are not citizens and should not weigh in on our political process if they first cannot obey the laws of the land.

Third Party – I know there are those already saying – “A third party can never win!” to which I reply ….what is the alternative then – taking our party back – it will never happen. People have been saying this for years and look where we are now – PLUS the Establishment GOP would never allow it to happen – blocking any chance of a REAL conservative majority. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results – enough! Even the majority that the GOP now holds was gained by our doing/effort/votes – not theirs…. not theirs if you take away their lies. It seems that the two major parties are either in cahoots together or just going to try and out pander each other until our Constitution and Country no longer exist. I will aggressively seek a third party that will represent me – not illegal alien foreigners. And if a GOP Candidate currently vying for 2016 were to show even a silver of hope to even enter my realm of possibility …he or she would need to be very upfront and vocal on the issue of illegal immigration or it is just a non starter… Seriously – why consider or support someone that supports the very stance and actions we are fighting?

Combating the Big Donors via boycotts and the such is an avenue – their money against our pocket books and voice – we should be doing this already anyways.

Revolution – Many are so fed up that taking to the streets seems to be all that is left. And how could you blame someone for viewing our current lawless political landscape with such anger and demeanor – it is obvious that our voices are being ignored – only important right before an election and then we are lied to time and time again. Problem is for all the talk of rising up ….. How many would actually participate? Do not get me wrong – there may be a day when this is reality – but let’s hope someone stops this lawlessness, puts the best interests of Americans and the United States of America first NOT some grand plan to make new Americans in their own little world to forever eliminate any opposing opposition to their socialist, progressive agenda. For more on the New American travesty click here:

This battle is not over folks….. After all WE ARE AMERICANS – giving up is not an option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruthie Hendrycks is the President of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and

Host of The Ruthie Report Radio Program on Constitutional Patriot Network/CPR World Wide Media Network. She is the Minnesota State Advisor for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), The State Coordinator for The Remembrance Project/Stolen Lives Quilt, A Member of the Texas Border Volunteers and an Advocate for the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council. She is also listed as a Top Conservative Talk Radio Host at
You can contact Ruthie at or at

February 4, 2015

Democrat’s Holdong Our Homeland Security HOSTAGE for Illegal Aliens

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Democrat’s Holding Our Homeland Security HOSTAGE for Illegal Aliens
By Ruthie Hendrycks
Feb 3, 2015

Obama, the Democratic Party and a few Republicans are holding the funding of the Department of Homeland Security hostage – putting each and every one of us in danger …… ALL FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS

Tuesday February 3rd the Senate voted to approve the House Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Funding bill – A bill that WOULD fund the department BUT EXCLUDED moneys’ for Obama Executive action for illegal aliens – meaning amnesty. The bill failed on a 51-48 vote – it needed 60 votes to pass.

It will now head back to the House or slowly fade away – that is if we let it – We Must Not!!!!!
Simply put …with a nation divided on this issue…why is the welfare of illegal aliens trumping the welfare of the American Citizenry?

While the Democratic Party has already started in with the blame game ( they are very good at that) – making statement such as “The Republican Party is to blame for the lack of a funding bill for our homeland“….. The Republican’s seem dumbfounded to have a clear narrative in return…
So let me provide them with one … and I quote…..

“Now is NOT THE TIME to mess with what homeland security we do have – pass the House Bill and FUND DHS… without amnesty and Secure The Border!
If amnesty is more important to Obama than our security….. Let him veto it”

Alarming is that while Congress continues to play games with funding homeland security – all in the name of the ILLEGAL ALIENS – we were watching the news coverage of yet another murder at the hands of ISIS – a Jordanian pilot being burnt alive – the video is horrific!!!!

One must wonder why amnesty via executive unconstitutional lawless fiat is more important to Obama and the Democratic Party , than our safety, security and sovereignty . DHS could easily be funded without the amnesty directive effectively postponing the discussion and debate for another day, but instead we see partisan lines drawn in the sand at our nations’ expense.

Have these pandering politicians (primarily but not exclusively the Democrats) stopped to consider how many terrorists may be or have entered with the illegal aliens that they seem to be falling all over themselves for while our borders and ports remain unsecured? Have they ever wondered just – who is the illegal alien they are pandering for?

Also, if Obama can just do what he wants…when he wants…. Why do we even need Congress?
Congress do your DUTY NOW – Democrats and Republicans alike… fund the Department of Homeland Security WITHOUT amnesty. The only reason this is being rushed is….. because Obama wants it to be.

Ruthie Hendrycks is the President of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of The Ruthie Report. Ruthie is the Minnesota State Advisor for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), The State Coordinator for The Remembrance Project/Stolen Lives Quilt, A Member of the Texas Border Volunteers and an Advocate for the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council. She is also listed as a Top Conservative Talk Radio Host at
You can contact Ruthie at

December 30, 2013

DHS – Pro Bono or Paid by Cartels/Smugglers to deliver children with Taxpayer Dollars

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DHS – Pro Bono or Paid by Cartels/Smugglers to deliver children with Taxpayer Dollars
By Ruthie Hendrycks, December 2013
Seeing … Congress, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and this
Administration are hiding in the closet or have their heads in the sand (yet again), with regards to
the latest lawlessness perpetrated against the rule of law – THAT BEING…. …….…………
DHS’s unconscionable actions with regards to human trafficking…….. I am therefore calling for
the immediate dismissal of Secretary of Homeland Security – Jeh Johnson

Who am I to call for this resignation – An average American who is “Mad as hell and not going to
take it anymore” – demanding Congress step up to the plate and relieve Jeh Johnson of his duties;
investigate the failure of Eric Holder and the DOJ to address this illegal injustice; and
demanding ‘pro law’ actions be immediately taken to address the lawlessness we currently are
seeing play out. I ask you to share this demand and join me.

So are those in DHS that are working to deliver children being brought in the U.S. illegally –
receiving monetary compensation from the Drug Cartels and Human Smugglers for their role or
are they doing it Pro Bono – of course with taxpayers wages?
Are DHS Agents being forced to participate in this lawlessness under orders from Upper
Management or doing so by individual will… with a wink wink – and possible compensation for
aiding and abetting illegal immigration and human smuggling? If this is from the top – where are
the whistle blowers?

DHS has gone as far as flying these children to the illegal alien parents in the U.S. on tax dollars
…so not only are Americans and Legal Residents who are demanding border security and
enforcement of our immigration laws being told to sit down and shut up – while subsidizing those
already illegally in the Country…. We are paying for it !!!

With all the talk in Washington about spending – few if any of us are surprised that we hear barely
a squeak from the media on this. Northing (normal protocol) from this corrupt Administration,
DHS nor the DOJ – nothing except one HONEST and COURGEOUS Judge……. Texas Federal
Judge Andrew Hanen in a court order filed mid December, 2013

Of course DHS will sooner or later response with some comment like “We are detaining the
smugglers” but will not address that they then finished the Cartels/Smugglers original intent…..
services rendered by delivering children illegally in the U.S. to parents illegally in the U.S. all the
while ignoring the violent situations these children are being placed into not only by those people
demanding thousands of dollars to begin with from individuals we were lead to believe are down
and out poor souls – (Souls apparently with $6,000 per child to pay to drug cartels and human
smugglers) that being the parents themselves. – this is not desperation – it is child abuse. …… only
time will tell if DHS personnel are also on the take.

The nonsense of illegal immigration has now gone to new levels whereas the United States of
America’s Department of Homeland Security is complacent and participating with the smuggling
and delivery of Children – instead of enforcing our immigration laws not only at the border but
throughout the interior as well – they are instead working in conjunction with Mexican Cartels and
Human Smuggling Networks – Is no one as outraged as I am?

What is it going to take to secure the border and enforce our current immigration laws? Where is
this lawlessness going to end?

November 7, 2013

Illegal Aliens and Obamacare

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Illegal Aliens and Obamacare

I would like to address a few of the many issues within illegal immigration and Obamacare – and share with you a thought provoking question that absolutely no one is addressing nor discussing.

As the nation watches the disastrous Obamacare roll out… which illegal aliens are not subject to pay into … millions of Americans find themselves losing coverage. They see their premiums and deductible rising at a time when many are already financially strapped.

We see an Administration stumbling along in pitifully fashion trying to undo the damage and instead of stepping up to the plate – in Presidential fashion – Obama refuses to do so, instead aggressively attempting to minimize the squalls of Obamacare by changing the narrative to that of Comprehensive Immigration Reform/Amnesty – even hiring an illegal alien as a navigator – which is currently against the law – making many wonder about the security of the system – which we now know is also severely lacking.

As we continue to hear about the 30-40 million uninsured individuals – it is as clear as mud if illegal aliens are included in this number. With that said – whether included or not – illegal aliens are receiving healthcare either thru the EMTALA Act in our emergency rooms or yet again ‘illegally’ thru lack of scrutiny which does impact each and every one of us.

While we hear the plights of everyday Americans and Obamacare – what you are not hearing are the cost to the American Taxpayers (those who are supposedly going to fund Obamacare) due to illegal immigration in the United States.

For example… while our elderly are concerned, many very much so with the future of elder care and prescription costs – we read this….The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) spent nearly $29 million for prescription drugs for 4,139 illegal aliens per the Department of Health & Human Services. And do not overlook that the Inspector General stated that in January that CMS had also paid $91.6 million for 2,600 illegal aliens to health care providers.

While Doctor shortages are being forecast, we learn that hospitals are struggling with non reimbursement of care for illegal aliens we read this from Kaiser Health News  “Federal law generally bars illegal immigrants from being covered by Medicaid.  But a little-known part of the state-federal health insurance program for the poor has long paid about $2 billion a year for emergency treatment for a group of patients who, according to hospitals, mostly comprise illegal immigrants.”

While Americans – and a few politicians – demand that the Affordable Care Act be defunded or repealed, we see those who are in the Country illegally making a commercial or standing in our streets DEMANDING healthcare at our expense. We see a previously deported – only to return again – single Mother of (9) U.S. born children – utilizing healthcare

The current comprehensive bill in the Senate (there is nothing comprehensive about it) is approximately 1200 page in length – and like the Affordable Care Act – this Administration and those we elected to represent us can have no idea what is included in these outrageous number of pages. Many are aware however, that it does call for a Family Unity Plan (with slight changes from one version or another) that will further reward those ILLEGALLY residing in the Country to be united HERE with their immediate family members – which will add to the sheer number of the demands for and devastation of…. our healthcare.

Here is the thought provoking question………… No matter where you fall on this issue – let me ask you this………..

“If all you need to do is successfully with full premeditation enter the United States illegally to receive free and what used to be quality healthcare … how many additional millions our planning their trip to demand their share of our healthcare and what will that do to our premiums and Country?”


January 22, 2013

Border Security Propaganda and Lies – Prove Me Wrong

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Border Security Propaganda and Lies – Prove Me Wrong
Ruthie Hendrycks
Jan 2013

The current proposals and promises of border security with regards to the upcoming debate on illegal immigration/legal immigration reform are nothing more than propaganda and lies, and I can prove it! I do extend a challenge – actually I demand – those spreading this mantra to … PROVE ME WRONG!

Five words clearly describe what I am referring to:
“Unmanned Kiosk – Enforcement Hours Away”

Once again, which is par for the course – we are hearing statements from individuals such as Marco Rubio, several conservative commentators and other like the Gang of Eight that any future legislation on the issue must include and will take place “once our borders are secure”. Apparently, they believe that “We The People” are either : a.) truly that stupid or b.) that it will fly with those less educated to the inadequate and dangerous situation taking place on our southern border. Either way it is an INSULT to our intelligence – we should demand and expect more from those elected to office.

As unbelievable as it may be – while these individuals continue to mention border security – (never accompanied with details) an unmanned kiosk on our southern border is slated to open Jan 28th, 2012. If this has you concerned or at the very least scratching your heads – wondering why, the move is to assist tourism in a little Mexican village of Boquillas del Carmen. To allow pedestrians the avenue to eat and shop in Boquillas. What is even more alarming is that enforcement in the area is hours away.

The unmanned station will allow pedestrians to cross the Rio Grande River at Big Bend National Park to help the quoted “poor” people of Boquillas at a cost of $3.7 million to the American taxpayer. Again, is anyone awake at the wheel of spending.
So, while American businesses are struggling, our economic future bleak, many remain unemployed …. We are creating a situation where our border is less secure to increase tourism from the U.S. and the bottom line of a community in Mexico.

Of course no one wants to weigh in on or address comments like that of the former Big Bend National Park Superintendent, Jose A. Cisneros, who told reporters Jan 2, 2013 that “reopening the station will create a new point of entry for organized crime. “Drug cartels will view the new station as a back door to the United States.
So much for border security – What say you Marco Rubio?

If indeed, Rubio and those in Washington are serious about our homeland security, our sovereignty and stopping the flow of illegal immigration, drugs and potential terrorists, then this opening would be cancelled immediately or at best delayed indefinitely until border security is addressed.

Unfortunately – I believe we are again being told the same lies – the same propaganda – the same tired old promises of the past – while a crossing, advertised to all on both sides of the border – creates an entry into the United States. With the swipe of a card – whether accepted or not – those entering have hours before law enforcement would arrive, and by that time those entering may well be half way to the Midwest or parts unknown.

Is this sound like the promise of border security to you?

Ruthie Hendrycks is President and Founder of
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform Website:
Ruthie is the host of the radio show “The Ruthie Report”
which airs Thursdays at 8 pm CST via
Ruthie can be reached via email:at or at!/groups/TheRuthieReport.MINNSIR/


January 14, 2013

Washington …. I Want To Know

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(please feel free to share with your elected officials, family and friends as is
or adapt to your own personal message removing my signature and name)

Jan. 2013
By Ruthie Hendrycks

To: Those that “We The People” selected and then elected
to represent our voice in the United States House, Senate and White House.

Just a few – of the many – questions that I demand answers to. I want to know, with all the
talk currently coming out of Washington on how we must get Americans back to work;
how we must cut entitlements; how we must cut spending; and issues such as Obamacare,
social security, gun regulations/restrictions, defense cuts etc….
Why is no one addressing Illegal Immigration?

We hear repeatedly that we must put Americans back to work…I agree – so, why are
millions of unemployed Americans forced to watch millions of illegal aliens working –
and I am not talking crop picking? Just imagine the economic benefits and the reduced
unemployment rate, if the 8 to 10 million jobs filled by illegal aliens were filled by

We hear how we must cut entitlements – but we watch as 10-15 million plus
illegal aliens (not counting those YOU INSIST are hiding in shadows) file for and receive
subsidized housing, food stamps, gas vouchers, welfare.- with our own government
agencies educating them on just how to do it. Not surprising, other Countries are now
addressing such entitlements. Take for example France, as reported in a Dec 28th article in
the EU Times “French government cuts immigrants welfare by 83%“ – they are taking
action, with the cuts slated to begin March of this year. France gets it … why not the
U.S.?…. I want to know.

We here that we must improve the economy …now, Now, NOW … with dire warnings of
collapse if immediate actions are not taken, but we watch as $20.74 Billion in the first
eleven months of 2012 were sent via remittances (the majority earned here) to Mexico,
not to mention other foreign countries – it does mot take a rocket scientist to figure out
that – if these monies were gained by Americans and remained in the U.S. it would greatly
benefit our Country – at a time when is truly is needed.

We hear a Great Deal of talk – dribble really – about taxes and the never ending blabber
about people paying their fair share etc….. yet we see $ 4.2 Billion in tax refunds thru the
Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) paid by the IRS with our tax dollars to people
without social security numbers for dependents many believe do not even exist. We
read stories about recent storm victims losing all their money and demanding assistance
because they stored all their cash in the basement, suggesting …cash paid under the table.

We hear that illegal aliens will not be covered under Obamacare….What an insult to our
intelligence – they already receive health care paid for by the American Taxpayer thru the
EMTALA Act, the only aspect of Obamacare that the illegal alien will not be included in
…. is paying for it.

We hear politicians falling all over themselves in attempts to pander to the illegal alien,
while ignoring what this pandering is costing their fellow American and Legal Residents,
Those they took an oath to represent. Adding insult to injury (and I do mean Injury) we
are told of upcoming pending legislation to reward their behavior – while you ignore the
down and out Americans who have lost their jobs, their homes (many living in the streets)
or have suffered the consequences of actions by those very same individuals you now
pander too. Interestingly enough, nothing is divulged about the Family Unification
Plan/Family Unity Plan that will no doubt accompany any such legislation – because
THEY “Will Demand It” adding millions more and further rewarding illegal immigration.
I want to know – what makes you believe that those illegally in the Country will obey any
new laws and regulations you push … when they do not obey the laws now.

We were told by this Administration that “we cannot have piece meal legislation on
illegal immigration – its a Federal issue” but as I write this …. Illinois is poised to grant
drivers licenses to illegal aliens – the hypocrisy is astounding!!! If, Illinois is allowed to
pass such legislation at a State Level with ABSOLUTELY zero decent from those
elected to be our voice, then one can only conclude that Arizona (which was sued by our
own Department of Justice for enforcing our current laws) and other States taking a
stance against illegal immigration – can now get on with it right? I want to know.

We hear that Washington will address the 2nd Amendment – with the rush tactics that are
par for the course – to unconstitutionally disarm or restrict the law abiding gun
owner, but we hear nothing in the media about the approx. 8,500 deportable criminal
aliens that were released into the night (that averages 170 per state) because their
homeland refuses to take them back and that their whereabouts are unknown. Meanwhile,
millions of law abiding gun owners are expected to accept whatever legislation falls
out .. (I wouldn’t plan on it) and the criminals could care less about… the media is mute
with regards to the 800,000 aliens ordered to deport that refuse and fail to do so – and
remain. At the same time as this politically motivated stunt plays out, we have those who
reside (and are armed) on our southern border demanding that border security be
addressed to combat the illegal aliens trampling across their land carrying drugs and
AK47s. Can anyone say Fast and Furious?

We hear …. the violence that must be curbed – but nothing about our utterly disgraceful
and dysfunctional border security – where is that conversation? We hear nothing on the
never-ending and skyrocketing growth in gangs – all 33,000 gangs with est. 1.4 million
members – mostly consisting of illegal aliens – such as MS-13,the Sur-13, Mexican Mafia,
Latin Kings, Surenos, Kurdish Pride, Mexican Posse and other drug cartels per the DOJ.
And the FBI states that many are acquiring military style weapons and are responsible for
the majority of violent crimes in the U.S.

Where is the discussion of border security, the costs of our over crowded prisons and the
price tag due to illegal immigration – next to nothing is reported or discussed on the
violence and human carnage inflicted on YOUR and my fellow American citizens by
those who should have never been allowed to enter illegally in the first place.

This is just an example – a minimal list of issues and questions – that I have with regards
to the absence of the discussion on the cost, violence and lawlessness, the assault on the
American Taxpayer via illegal immigration, not to mention assimilation, language etc.
I have yet to address issues like the costs to our educational system, social security,
environmental and sustainability questions and apparently……. neither have you.
Which part of illegal do you not understand?

“We Hear” a lot of nonsense out of Washington on a variety of issues – but what we are
NOT hearing is the discussion on illegal immigration – why is that – I want to know.

Ruthie Hendrycks is President and Founder of
Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform Website:
Ruthie is the host of the radio show “The Ruthie Report”
which airs Thursdays at 8 pm CST via
Ruthie can be reached via email:at or at!/groups/TheRuthieReport.MINNSIR/

February 2, 2011

Napolitano – Tough Words Or Fluff And Why Now

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Napolitano – Tough Words or Fluff and Why Now
By: Ruthie Hendrycks
February, 2011

On Jan. 31st, 2010 Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security spoke at the University of Texas, El Paso and gave a speech, in which, she apparently on behalf of the United States Government stated a warning to the Mexican Drug Cartels. Her specific warning…. “So today I say to the cartels: Don’t even think about bringing your violence and tactics across this border. You will be met by an overwhelming response. And we’re going to continue to work with our partners in Mexico to dismantle and defeat you”.
Her entire speech can be found here

Listening to her words made me wonder if indeed these are tough words, finally coming from Homeland security or just fluff that is meant to quiet the ever growing demands for border security. It also made me question several other issues – like the timing, why now? Quite frankly, the whole statement makes little sense because they increasing tactics and drugs are already here.

One only needs to look at the recent article on Charlotte, North Carolina to see what is happening and the presence of the Mexican poppy field drug trade. The Drug Enforcement Administration has reported that heroin seizures are up 77 percent over the previous year, with reports of fifteen to twenty new addicted patients daily seeking treatment.

In 2009, TransWorldNews had already reported and I quote “Cities such as Charlotte, North Carolina are feeling the effects of the rapidly expanding Mexican drug distribution networks. The cartels are working hard to ensure that there is a massive increase of drugs on the streets
of Charlotte – particularly black tar heroin. As odd as it might seem to North Carolina citizens, Charlotte has become the main distribution hub for black tar heroin sent to the United States from Mexico. Since 2001 there has been a 244% increase.

So what is Napolitano doing? Is she intentionally calling the cartels out, playing “tough gal” to see what their response will be, either the approach of a) okay we will show you attitude or b) just ignorance of a meddling woman just trying to pacify the American people?

And why now, is it to get a jump on the issue – pre 2012 while adding the comment that those who describe the border as overrun with violence are off the mark and are making these statements to score cheap political points – tell that to the families of Nancy Davis, Brian Terry, David Hartley or Robert Krentz. Or, does she know something that we do not know – and should?

So, are we suppose to believe and accept that Homeland Security will respond accordingly to the drug cartels (those not here yet) effectively, but that we are unable to respond to illegal immigration and the illegal aliens in the U.S.?

Are we suppose to believe that Homeland Security will secure our airports but cannot secure the border?

With so many Americans doubting Napolitano’s credibility, statements and actions why would the cartels take her seriously when many Americans do not? Example: Assuring Congress that
the southern border is more secure than it’s ever been.

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard every Thursday evening. Blog spot at and

Charlotte, North Carolina is now the main distribution center for Mexican heroin – National drug cartel |

January 23, 2011

2012 – Are American Voter’s Being Scammed

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2012 – Are American Voter’s Being Scammed

Ruthie Hendrycks
Jan 2011

With the recent increased discussion, focus and push to garner the Hispanic/Latino vote for what some believe to be the “necessary votes” required to win the Presidential election of 2012, one must wonder if the American voter (no matter what ones’ ethnicity) is being scammed. The simple fact is that the scare tactics currently being forced upon the American voter concerning the “Hispanic Vote” is an inadequate representation of the truth.

The discussion – disingenuous to say the least – leads one to ask …. are Americans to assume that neither the Republicans nor Democrats have any plans to address the issues of a sensible legal immigration system, ending illegal immigration, enforcement of our immigration laws and border security.

Are the American Voters being riled up over an issue that is quite contentious, for the purposes of involvement and funding, only for neither party to stand up for the demands of the American majority to secure our border and enforce our immigration laws? Have you ever pondered exactly what percentage of the donations received by – your party of choice – actually is used in a manner against these demands or used to promote the party, in a language other than English – for one example?

However, there are solutions – but first, lets look at some facts:

—- 38 percent of Hispanic’s voted Republican in 2008, this is an increase of 11 percent over 2004, which only shows that the GOP is gaining in this demographic, at a time when the issue of illegal immigration continues to be on the forefront of the political scene.

—- There were approximately 28,890,000 million foreign born individuals living in the U.S. per the Department of Homeland Security in January of 2008. Of that number (per the same report)
11,600,000 were – what they term – resident unauthorized population – a number many believe to be higher.

—- Further break down on these numbers show that of the 11,600,000 illegal aliens in the U.S.
7,000,000 were from Mexico
570,000 from El Salvador
430,000 from Guatemala,
300,000 from Honduras and
180,000 from Brazil
with the remaining number of illegal aliens from China, Korea, India and “Other” Countries

– The easiest common sense solution would be to address illegal immigration in the U.S. and to secure the borders, but seeing that these demands have been answered with empty promises since the IRCA Amnesty of 1986 – let’s look at additional solutions.

– Voter Identification/Integrity.
Of the 29 million foreign born individuals in the U.S. in Jan 2008 – by the Department of Homeland Security’s own finding – approx 40 percent are illegal aliens and hence should be barred from participating in our voting electorate. States that immediately take action on this front, prior to the 2012 elections – would indeed be serving their constituents versus those illegally in the Country

– Corresponding With Our Elected Officials –
Ensuring that your voice is heard …. We must continue to correspond with our elected officials and representatives – those sworn to serve the American People.

For example:
1. Where is the distinction of legal resident versus illegal alien in this push for a specific ethnic focus segment?

2. Where is the discussion of unity versus segregation by ethnicity?

3. Where is the discussion from the GOP (and the Democrat’s I might add), of the foreign born citizens, those who followed the law – jumped thru all the hoops to obtain citizenship – who now want to weigh in on the future of this Country – a Country by the very action of citizenship .. They swore allegiance to – unlike the illegal alien with no allegiance?

4. Where is the discussion of the Rule of Law?

5. Where is the focused discussion of jobs and cutting spending? Specifically with the recent reports that Los Angeles County via County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, that the welfare benefit’s for the children of illegal immigrants cost more that $600 million last year? Or, the statistics released in a recent Reuters article – that 1.1 million new migrants who entered the U.S. since 2008 have landed jobs while the U.S. household unemployment rose 6.26 million and that approx 35 percent of these individuals are illegal aliens.

6. Where are the discussions of actions this Administration are currently taking to undermined the rule of law and promote illegal immigration?

And finally,
7. Where is the discussion – AND THE CANDIDATE – that will make these distinctions, discuss these issues and represent American’s – versus pandering, pushing and acting on what they believe … is best to get them in office and power?

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard every Thursday evening. Blog spot at and
Ruthie can be contacted at

January 18, 2011

Is It – Smith Goes To Washington OR Where Is Lamar?

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Is It – Smith Goes To Washington OR Where Is Lamar?
By Ruthie Hendrycks
Jan 16th, 2011

Recently, I reported on several actions that the Federal Government is taking on the illegal immigration front that are: a complete violation of our immigration laws, places the nations sovereignty in extreme jeopardy and raises serious questions for our future safety and security.

Let’s look at four:
1. Take for example the placement of buoys by a government agency, the Imperial Water District – at a
$1.1 million price tag to the American taxpayer to provide safety to those on their way to enter the United States illegally. Of course, this is not the only safety net provided to these individuals, in their quest to ignore and break our immigration laws. This is aiding and abetting illegal activity and must stop.

2. The current revised – but general – agreement between Obama and the Mexican Government to allow Mexican trucks on our roadways. An agreement dating back to 1996, an agreement that was made prior to 9/11/2001, that was made prior to the increased violent Drug Wars currently taking thousands of lives in Mexico and an agreement that was made before the economic decline and uncertainty we now face.
In the financial times Americans find themselves in, and with no real or clear signal that this Administration is going to be proactive to correct it – why would we open our roadways to Mexican trucks which will not only have a negative effect to the employment and income of America’s truck drivers and industry, but will also put the safety of our roadways in jeopardy. And of course, there seems to be no discussion of the increased risk of drugs, human smuggling and possible terrorism and crime that would no doubt be associated with such a move.

3. Better yet – Many are outraged and cannot believe that while Janet Napolitano’s TSA Squad continues to grope and humiliate millions of Americans in airports – all in the name of security, Napolitano along with the Mexican Government are working on what is coined “The Trusted Traveler Card”. Mexican officials have already stated that they believe this program could allow upwards of 84 million Mexicans to enter the United States with the swipe of a card. Of course, there would be an application and then an interview to ensure our safety. I am sure that this brings comfort to very few. And the leap of faith in the Department of Homeland Security to ensure the background checks of those entering brings little comfort seeing we are not able to secure our own borders. The risks of such a program are tremendous and will completely erode this nation’s sovereignty.

4. Adding to the insanity is the news that the ACLU has filed yet another motion in a Phoenix U.S. District Court, asking Judge Susan Bolton to block 5A and 5B of Arizona’s legislation SB 1070. Both provisions address day labor. The ACLU states that it makes it hard for “day laborers” (eg. Illegal aliens) to look for work and that the “real” issue is the First Amendment and that thru freedom of speech illegal aliens should be allowed to solicit employment. Funny, isn’t it, ACLU’s concern for an ILLEGAL aliens freedom of speech and combating the laws Arizona has put forth, but it demonstrates no concern with our immigration laws… like US Code 8. And, there seems to be little concern for the unemployed American.

At a time when more and more States are forced to take legislative actions with regards to illegal immigration, into their own hands due to the inaction of this Administration to enforce our immigration laws …… one must ask – federally, when will the newly elected Congress address not only these four examples but the many more that are looming, including that of our unsecured borders?

Leading many of us to ask …. Is It – Smith Goes To Washington OR Where Is Lamar?
Mr. Lamar Smith, Head of the Judiciary Committee can be reached by going to

Ruthie Hendrycks, is President and Founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and Host of the weekly radio program “The Ruthie Report” which can be heard every Thursday evening. Blog spot at and
Ruthie can be contacted at

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